15th May 2024


Poster competition category guidance


Through our poster competition at Bristol Patient Safety Conference we showcase a wide range of work on Patient Safety across the whole spectrum of care settings and specialities.


In recognition of the breadth of experience of our delegates that join us every year we have three overarching categories which we hope will offer something for everyone. We will still have some groups categories beneath this - so we will continue to recognise a good number of poster prize winners.


When submitting your abstract please select from the drop down menu the category below that best represents your work.

• Patient safety audit

• QI in progress

• The full Quality Improvement Project (QIP)


If we feel that your abstract lives in a different category to that which you have indicated we will let you know. We are grateful to QIClearn and West of England AHSN who have worked with us to describe these groups.


Each year about half of our delegates are medical trainees in their early years of training where the QI expectation is primarily around participation rather than leadership of change.


- QI in progress category provides an opportunity to showcase personal involvement in specific QI activities and does not require evidence of a completed QIP.


- The Full QIP category is suited to those who are qualified or more advanced in their training and are in a position to use improvement science methodology to test and implement change.


- Audit is a general requirement throughout training and beyond.


Please refer to the table above before selecting your category on the poster entry form


QI Advice and Resources


Video: Hints and tips from poster competition judge Kay Haughton for your 2023 poster entry (1m22s)

West of England AHSN provide QI resources on their website here


Video: An introduction to quality improvement, Graham Mackenzie (13m49s)


Video: Measurement for Improvement, Mike Davidge (9m35s)

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