15th May 2024


Abstract guidance
Read the guidance below before completing the online poster competition entry form

We have produce this guidance to help you include information that the judges are looking for in your abstract 
(when completing the online form, hover your cursor to the right of each box to view this guidance)
Project Introduction and Aims (120 words maximum)  
What was the scale of the problem? 
What was the problem or system dysfunction? 
How was it affecting patient care? 
What were you trying to achieve? Include data in your description.
Can you describe your aim using the SMART goal format? (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) 
How will you know change will be an improvement?
Project Methodology / PDSA cycles (120 words maximum)  
How did you implement the proposed change? What was the timetable for change? 

If you are describing a QI project: This means you trialled some changes to test your ideas over a period of time. PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles are small scale tests of change to see if they lead to an improvement. Describe one of your PDSA cycles. How did you plan it? What did you learn? How many PDSA cycles did you do? 

If you are describing an audit: This means you identified clear standards and then measured performance against those standards. Did you determine if the standard has been achieved? Did you identify gaps between the published standard and levels currently delivered? What actions did you take to close the gaps? 
Have you described how you measured the effects of planned changes? If not, add here.  (60 words maximum)  
Describe how you measured the effects of your planned changes. 
What the effects of your changes were.
Did your changes help you achieve your aim?
Project Results and Lessons Learnt (120 words maximum)
Make sure you include the lessons you have learnt from this work. 
What would you do differently next time?     
What do your findings mean for patients and/or systems of care? 
Have you implemented any of your change ideas? Has the change been sustained?